We offer services in the field of design and arrangement of residential interiors (penthouses, apartments, flats, houses) as well as commercial spaces. Additionally, we oversee individual projects from start to finish and carry out full customer service and support throughout the enterprise. Range of services:


Based on our client’s preferences we prepare several conceptual functional/spatial designs for the client to choose from. The chosen design becomes the basis for the project and contains the final layout of walls, measurements of rooms, furniture arrangements, positioning of lighting and electrical outlets and distribution of water, sewage, and heating points. Such documentation is helpful when reporting the specifics of a desired flat, apartment, or house layout to the developer of the facility. The developer can use this detailed information to adjust the interior to the client’s needs.


After consultations with the client and careful consideration of his or her needs, directions, and budget considerations, we prepare a full plan that contains:

• Interior visualization
• Functional layout of the interior with wall measurements and furniture arrangements
• Locations of lighting and electrical outlets
• Locations of water and plumbing facilities
• View of flooring and suspended ceilings
• Sketches of the building as well as wall cladding/paneling/wallpapers
• Detailed schematics and designs of individual rooms, bathrooms, kitchen as well as furnishings that have been designed to measure
• Inventory of required interior elements (furnishings, lighting fixtures, wall décor, window decorations, accessories)
• Selection of color schemes, wallpapers, fabrics, and materials
• Inventory of the amounts of construction materials needed
• Full supervision over the realization of the project to make sure that it is executed precisely according to the prepared plans.


Additionally we offer a full, complex management of the development during which, in the name of our client, we select and coordinate contractors, order materials, and receive the completed project. This way the client can limit his engagement in the project only to the necessary minimum while we insure that the work on site progresses smoothly and in a timely manner.
The aforementioned services are priced individually based on the area of the property and the particular services needed. For detailed information please arrange a meeting by calling 601 29 90 90 or via email: